In accordance with the theme of C2022, the following values (i.e., guiding principles) have been developed. Below are concrete actions that we are taking to ensure these values are reflected in the conference:

  • Environmental Sustainability: we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have a goal of operating a carbon-neutral conference as was done in previous conferences. To accomplish this goal, C2022 organizers will take the following steps:
    • Selection of a conference venue and hotel that support sustainability.
    • Provide information and tips to conference delegates on steps they can take to reduce their conference footprint (e.g., using personal water bottles and public transportation).
    • Utilize environmentally friendly communication (i.e., use as little paper as possible).
    • Modify and implement the environmental Sustainability Evaluation Rubric utilized in previous CES conferences to ensure improvements are being made year over year.
  • Respect/Inclusion: we are committed to providing a safe and inviting space for all individuals from all walks of life. Further, we are committed to taking concrete steps towards ensuring all participants and speakers feel they have the opportunity to engage with others and enjoy building their professional network at the conference.  We will be:
    • utilizing both French and English in all written communications as well as inclusive language (e.g., preferred gender pronouns);
    • inviting CES volunteers to participate in meetings in the official language of their choice;
    • actively promoting the identification and selection of presenters and facilitators that are from diverse backgrounds; and
    • developing a clear code of conduct and ensuring that volunteers on-site during the conference are able to report any violations of that policy.
  • Curiosity: we are committed to cultivating and supporting the professional growth of attendees by providing a diverse collection of presentations, workshops, and social activities. These opportunities will be interwoven as they reinforce one another to culminate in an immersive experience for all participants.
    • Selection of social activities that will actively engage participants to learn from and/or experience different perspectives;
    • All applications will be reviewed for innovative, unique and underrepresented voices and/or perspectives to help increase the diversity of approaches and techniques to engage with at the conference;
    • Special attention will be devoted by the organizing committee to establish groupings of presentations, workshops, social activities that build on one another throughout the conference.