Hello, Bonjour, Boozhoo, Tansi, Aaniin, Wotziye, Ho/Han, Tanshi, Asujutilli,

Dr. Sanscartier and I are so happy to invite you to the national C2022 conference in Winnipeg on behalf of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES). The last national CES conference held in Winnipeg dates back to 2007. Since then, a lot has changed. However, one constant is the passionate, diverse, and friendly evaluation community in Manitoba.

To begin, we want to respectfully acknowledge that C2022 will be held on the original lands of Anishinabee, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene peoples, on the Métis homeland and on Treaty 1 Territory.

The purpose of C2022 is to celebrate and explore the diversity within evaluation and among evaluators. To this end, the following three values (i.e., guiding principles) guide the planning and facilitation of the conference:

  • Environmental Sustainability: we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have a goal of operating a carbon-neutral conference, as was done in previous conferences.
  • Respect/Inclusion: we are committed to providing a safe and inviting space for all individuals from all walks of life. Further, we are committed to taking concrete steps towards ensuring all participants and speakers feel they have the opportunity to engage with others, have fun, and expand their professional network at the conference.
  • Curiosity: we are committed to cultivating and supporting the professional growth of attendees by providing a diverse collection of presentations, workshops, and social activities. These opportunities will be interwoven as they reinforce one another to culminate in an immersive experience for all participants.

This great opportunity would not be possible without the tireless efforts of all our volunteers. We know that the time invested into the conference from all contributors will be reflected in the quality of the conference proceedings for all attendees. Please enjoy yourself and take advantage of the professional and social opportunities available throughout the conference.

Note: Between now and the start of the conference in June, we will update our website and social media regarding initiatives and actions ensuring elements of sustainability, active reconciliation and EDI are woven into the conference planning and proceedings. Stay tuned!

Ryan Catte, Co-Chair, C2022