We hope you’ve been thinking about your workshop, presentation, and/or thematic breakfast submission for C2022. The deadline is January 10, 2022, which is a firm deadline.

In preparing your proposal, here are some tips to help put together a winning proposal:

  • Your proposal is a sales document, not an annual report or academic journal submission. So, please put your entrepreneurial hat on and sell your topic, your choice of presentation type, and yourself!
  • To help sell your proposal, take some time to reflect on the value of your presentation to help establish your title and abstract.
  • Make sure to clearly connect your proposal to one of the sub-themes; reviewers will be more inclined to agree with you that your proposal is relevant if they can easily make the connection.
  • We have multiple options for presentation format. So, please take time in selecting the most effective approach for your message and your objectives.
  • Be brief. Yes, the online form will limit you to only so many characters to present your topic and yourself; but, don’t feel like you need to use more space then needed even if there is some left.
  • Write your summary and your bio in the third person using full sentences (no point form). If your proposal is accepted, this will be used to present you and your work in the conference program.
  • Use the active language and avoid jargon and bureaucratic writing. This is important to remember as the proposal reviewers may not share your professional or educational background.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to the conference organizers at

You will hear back on February 21, 2022 if your proposal is accepted, rejected or put on a waiting list.

Good luck!