About C2022

History teaches us that valuing past experiences can not only enrich the present, but also guide us into the future. As a community of evaluators, we also are well aware that meaningful investment into fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion – in any profession – is a proven approach to encourage innovative methods, for adapting and thriving. C2022 aims to provide a safe and reflective space to explore the diversity within the evaluation community, the diversity of approaches, and methods.

Join us at the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) national C2022 conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, hosted at the Fairmont Winnipeg where you will be exposed to a mosaic of participants, ideas, approaches, and practices, thereby enhancing your professional development experience, enhancing your practice, and continuing to grow your network.

C2022 and COVID-19 Duty of Care

The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and organizers of the C2022 conference are working diligently and taking every precaution as it pertains to the ongoing pandemic, in order to keep delegates safe. To this end, the organizers of C2022 along with the CES Board of Directors are working in tandem to ensure all precautions and protocols outlined by the federal and provincial health authorities are adhered to.

For more information about specific steps being taken, please see our Duty of Care page, which will be updated as new information becomes available leading up to and during the conference.